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Gym Charges $110 for Wii Sessions 6

Posted by samzenpus
from the not-water-sports dept.
Manhattan's Gravity Fitness is charging customers $110 an hour for training session with the Nintendo Wii. Trainers incorporate Wii sports games, like boxing, with traditional exercise sessions. The gym's executive director Mark Natale says the Wii is just another workout tool, like treadmills and elliptical trainers with attached video screens. For $50 an hour, I will drink margaritas poolside and train you to do laps.
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Gym Charges $110 for Wii Sessions

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  • The Wii retail for $250. Wii sports can be $60-$70. For the price of 3 hours at the gym, I can workout all I want at home, where no one will make fun of me.
    • wait, the Wii cost more then the Xbox 360?!
    • by TedRiot (899157)
      Can you actually get a Wii without Wii Sports?

      Where I live the console is only sold as a Wii Sports Pack, which includes Wii Sports (for EUR 249)
      • According to Wikipedia [], Wii Sports was shipped as a pack-in in all territories but Japan (the article on the Wii says it wasn't a pack-in in South Korea either).
        • It's impossible to buy a Wii without Wii sports in teh US as far as I'm aware. That's outrageous. This is one training session too! I guess more power to them if they can actually get people to pay that much just to do something. Heck, for the price of 3 sessions you could just do it at home with your own Wii.
  • off. You can get a real physical trainer. And how is that a real workout. It is jsut a way to get kids moving but a treadmill or an elypical is a whole lot more effective.

    God people are such naive idiots. I mean get a damn gym membership and get on a stationary bike while watching the TVs. That passes the time for me.

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