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Professor Creates the World's Most Relaxing Room 8

Posted by samzenpus
from the take-a-break dept.
A British psychologist, Richard Wiseman, claims to have created the most relaxing room in the world. The room has soft matting, the scent of lavender, diffuse green light and gentle music. Every week stressed out people can come and decompress in the room while professor Wiseman makes modifications according to their suggestions. I did a bit of research in this area myself in college, and have a few suggestions: Poof chair, good speakers, The Cowboy Junkies, a purple lava lamp, blackberry tea, and a smoking device. That should do it.


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Professor Creates the World's Most Relaxing Room

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  • Yeah, it looks nice and all but what it really looks like to me is a badly done imitation of Inarra's shuttle. But what can we expect? We have to assume that, on top of everything else, he doesn't offer the same kind or level of services ;->
  • I'd completely stress out in that room because of the red colors.
    • Seriously, you'd think a psych professor would understand chromotherapy [].

      • by V!NCENT (1105021)
        I don't really understand whether you dissagree with me or not, but I change my desktop wallpaper a lot, and everytime I use a red one I get a little jumpy. Red is also the color of blood which also puts you into an alarming state. Guess why traffic lights use red for "Look out! STOP!" and green for "it's OK, you can drive.".

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