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Parents Upset After Teacher Asks Students to Shave Him 6

Posted by samzenpus
from the looking-at-my-beard-that's-a-shaving dept.
A teacher at Peterson Elementary School had three 8-year-old girls shave off his beard in front of the classroom, then made them promise not to tell their parents. The girls parents are now angry and want their precious little one's transferred out of the class so they won't have to relive the horror of touching human hair. The teacher, Michael McLane, says the shaving was a "story starter" for a writing activity. A letter from Principal Nolan Harris reads, in part: "As you may be aware, the last week before the Thanksgiving break, Mr. McLane had the class participate in a face-shaving activity with an electric razor as a story starter for a writing assignment. He later instructed the students that if they told they would not have a Christmas Party. Needless to say, that instruction was inappropriate and was not well received by several parents, staff or the Administration. On behalf of myself and the District, we want to apologize to the students and parents."


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Parents Upset After Teacher Asks Students to Shave Him

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