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Prisons To Get Bottom Scanners 3

Posted by samzenpus
from the let's-see-what-you-got-in-there dept.
In an attempt to stop prisoners smuggling mobile phones into jail, Britain plans on introducing bottom scanners. Prisoners will have to sit on the scanners (chairs), called Body Orifice Security Scanners, which bleep if their subjects have a phone hidden inside them. The £6,500 chairs are going in 102 jails across Britain, and can also be used to detect drugs and weapons. The chairs are very reasonably priced when you think of the savings on latex gloves, lube, and anti-bacterial soap they provide.


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Prisons To Get Bottom Scanners

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  • by nwf (25607)

    So that's how Obama keeps his new Presidential Blackberry so secure!

  • OK maybe not that open door, but what I mean is, this shouldn't be something that you can try to smuggle in all the time. How often are the prisoners leaving and coming back to jail?

    Also makes one wonder how they charge them. But then I suppose some of the AC adapters now with the merciful retractable prongs make like easier if not gentler.

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