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Taxpayer-Funded "Man Cave" Found At NY Capitol 6

Posted by samzenpus
from the should-have-just-bought-a-warehouse dept.
Officials say that a pair of New York state employees used taxpayer money to creating a "man cave" at the Capitol Building. The pair transformed a maintenance area in a Capitol garage facility into the mother of all break rooms equipped with a TV, board games, DVDs, couches, rolling papers and marijuana scales. The two are suspended without pay and one is charged with marijuana possession and criminal use of drug paraphernalia.


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Taxpayer-Funded "Man Cave" Found At NY Capitol

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  • what does it take to get fired?
    • Actually, these guys were capitalists. And their abuses clearly indicate that socialism is right, and capitalist supporters are going to hell. We need a revolution. Bullet Box! Bullet Box! Woooo! Call the NRA, I'm going to cum.

    • One of the two was a supervisor and could not be a union member under US labor law.
  • With the exception of the marijuana (sorry, just not my thing) I'd be quite happy curling up in a nice dark room with couches, games, and TVs, and no man am I. Are women supposed to be afraid of the dark or something?
    • Yeah, from the header, I expected to read about some homosexual, male only, sex den. In actuality, it sounds like a good place for stressed out female public workers to relax with or without the men. But, why scales? are they running some sort of business in there?
    • In many households, the woman has control over the form an function of most of the living space. The man may be given one low-value room to do with as he pleases. This is the etymology of 'man cave'.

      That you might enjoy what a typical man does with such a space, just proves you're very cool.

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