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Man Spends Parents Retirement Fund On Lavish Lifestyle 7

Posted by samzenpus
from the it-was-a-hell-of-a-ride dept.
Noel and Margaret Foreman thought their oldest son was helping them invest £120,000 for their retirement. But instead of using the money to help his parents, 52-year-old Neil spent all the money on cars, luxury holidays, golf lessons, fine wines and expensive meals. Neil felt that his siblings got more than he did as a child and this was his chance to live the life of luxury he always wanted. "We have always done the very best we could for each of our three children. It appears that Neil has formed the opinion that his brother and sister were treated differently in that they both had a private education. What he fails to appreciate is that at the time he was going to school I was a very junior police officer earning just £9.50 a week. Only when we went into business could we afford a better education for his younger brother and sister," said Mr Foreman.


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Man Spends Parents Retirement Fund On Lavish Lifestyle

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