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Bus Driver Takes Wrong Group of Students On Field Trip 13

Posted by samzenpus
from the school-of-the-road dept.
A group of Ridgefield Park high schoolers got a surprise field trip to Six Flags Great Adventure thanks to a mixup with their bus driver. The driver ignored students who told her they weren't supposed to go on a trip and should be in class. Some even called their parents, worried that they were being abducted. From the article: "When the driver got on the turnpike, the students tried to tell her that she was going the wrong way, said Little Ferry Superintendent Frank Scarafile. One of the kids said, 'Where are you going?' Scarafile recounted. The bus driver said, 'We're going to Great Adventure,' an amusement park in Jackson. The students pulled out their cellphones and started calling their parents and the school. They asked the bus driver to speak with school administrators, but the driver refused because she is not permitted to talk on the phone while driving, Scarafile said."


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Bus Driver Takes Wrong Group of Students On Field Trip

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  • by EvanED (569694)

    Why is everything always like a movie? Does "the bus driver accidentally took some kids a few miles down the turnpike" sound like an interesting plot to you?

  • The lady driving that bus weighs no less than 300 pounds. It's just... I'm sure of it.
  • FTFA:

    He added that there may have been a language barrier between the students and the driver, but he did not know the driver’s name or native tongue.

    Sounds like the principal might share some of the blame here. I imagine it went something like this...

    Principal: Now, I've already told you, you have to tell us your name before we let you drive the school bus.

    Driver: Damn you and your "rules"!!!

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