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Man Sick of Waiting In ER Sews His Own Gashed Leg 5

Posted by samzenpus
from the diy-doctor dept.
A 32-year-old Swedish man known only as Jonas is in trouble for improper use of hospital equipment after he grew tired of waiting, and closed a wound on his leg himself. Jonas had waited an hour in the emergency room for someone to stitch up a deep cut before he grabbed a needle, and did a diy job on his leg. From the article: "After an hour-long wait in a treatment room, he lost patience and proceeded to sew up his own wound. 'They had set out a needle and thread and so I decided to take the matter into my hands,' he said. But hospital staff were not as impressed by his initiative and have reported the man on suspicion of arbitrary conduct for having used hospital equipment without authorization."
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Man Sick of Waiting In ER Sews His Own Gashed Leg

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