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Scientists Identify Head of France's King Henry IV 64

Posted by samzenpus
from the losing-then-finding-your-head dept.
JThaddeus writes "The Associated Press reports that 'After nine months of tests, researchers in France have identified the head of France's King Henry IV.' Henry was assassinated in 1610, and his head has been missing. His body was dug up and decapitated during the French Revolution. Researchers found features similar to those in royal portraits, and radiocarbon dating confirms that the head dates to the 17th Century. Interestingly, 'Perfumers on the team used their professionally trained noses to identify specific embalming substances in the mouth used to hide nasty odors.' The results have been published an online medical journal."
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Scientists Identify Head of France's King Henry IV

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  • by lordholm (649770) on Friday December 17, 2010 @04:12AM (#34584906) Homepage

    No scientists dug him up. If you RTFA, you will see that he was dug up during the French revolution and posthumously decapitated. The head was then stolen and passed along in "private collections".

    The scientists found the head, confirmed that it was the dead kings missing head and, there will be a national burial of the head in a cathedral.

    So, essentially, the scientists did exactly the opposite of what you are complaining about.

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