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Man Shoots Perfect Round of Putt-Putt Golf 13

Posted by samzenpus
from the so-he's-got-that-going-for-him-which-is-nice dept.
netbuzz writes "Rick Baird, a 53-year-old IT manager from North Carolina, recently accomplished a feat seen only twice in half a century and not once since 1979: a perfect round of Putt-Putt golf — 18 holes, 18 shots. He tells Network World: 'When I got ready to play 18 everybody was still gathering around to watch. I had to back off once since people were moving and I did not want there to be any distractions, and I needed a deep breath to calm down.'"


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Man Shoots Perfect Round of Putt-Putt Golf

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  • He's obviously qualified to complete projects with the minimum of resources. He should be elected president to trim down the bloated federal government! Probably more qualified than most politicians.

  • I've seen courses where a perfect game is relatively easy. I've seen other where if you get a perfect game, you're cheating your ass off.
    • by sjames (1099)

      Apparently there are tournaments with regulation courses. Who knew?

    • by Anonymous Coward

      From TFA:

      Putt-Putt is the name of the franchised courses we play at. Most people call it miniature golf but there is a difference to us. We have no pirate ships or animal figures on the playing surface. All the holes at a Putt-Putt are designed to be able to make a hole in one if you can execute the correct shot. And all our holes are par 2, like regulation golf is designed.

    • by Anonymous Coward
      Seriously, not that this is a big deal for humanity, but trust someone on slashdot to call anything "relatively easy" while sitting on his 4' ass munching ring dings... "Yeah I know, but that's like, one of the *easiest* cancers to cure..."
      • I'm not saying what he did is easy, as I know nothing about this particular course.
        The whole point of my comment was "what is the standard, and is this really worth giving this guy a pat on the back for?"
  • he really Putt that one away!

  • Tiger Woods was excited to try out this course, until he found out it was Putt Putt and not Butt Butt.

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