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The Unique Candidates of the New Hampshire Primary 116

Posted by samzenpus
from the strange-bedfellows dept.
30 Republicans and 14 Democrats are running for president in the New Hampshire primary this year, the largest number since 1992 when 62 candidates ran. Among other factors, the meager $1,000 fee to get one's name on the ballot makes New Hampshire an attractive place for unusual candidates. This year we have home-builder John Davis who "has budgeted $500,000 to visit all 3,143 counties in the U.S. in a 43-foot live-on bus emblazoned with a photo of himself brandishing a femur-size wrench and the slogan 'Let's Fix America.'" The oddly hatted Vermin Supreme of Rockport, Mass. is a perennial candidate who plans to run on a platform of mandatory tooth brushing and zombie preparedness. Vermin also promises a pony for every American. From the article: "If ever there were a year for has-beens, wannabes and neverwillbes pushing oddball solutions to serious problems and serious palliatives for problems no one has yet postulated, this may be it."
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The Unique Candidates of the New Hampshire Primary

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  • I want to see a New Hampshire candidate run solely on "Live Free Or Die".

    Isn't that essentially what Libertarian Party members are running on?

    Not any libertarian I've ever heard of running for anything notable. Every self-proclaimed libertarian I've seen lately who has been able to bring attention to their campaign is just another conservative who finds it advantageous to run under a different label.

    When you are tethered to corporate everything the way the likes of Ron Paul wants people to be, you are less free than we are now. And when you continually roll back anything resembling controls on large corporations, you inevitably give them the power.

    I'm not a Libertarian, and I'm not pimping for them here, but doesn't that essentially boil down to their whole party platform?

    The people who call themselves libertarians - at least in the US - are functionally identical to republicans on >99% of all matters.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday December 07, 2011 @08:07PM (#38298094)

    Tethered to corporate everything? Ron Paul? The one who is against corporate personhood? This is not correct. Also, the ginormous corporations use the political system to bring about huge regulatory bills to virtually kill any competition or severly limit it to anyone but them and the rest of their cartel, no matter what the industry. It is the regulations you so desire that CAUSE the problems you are trying to fix. They know the people are easily lead to believe these regulations are called for by those who care... but the dirty secret is, these regulations were constructed by those the people think these laws were to protect them against. It is a con game. Same way the bankers got together to create the FED, which was supposed to protect the people from the big bad bankers. It was the bankers that crafted it and pretended to be upset about it. This is fact. Cause a problem, incite a reaction by the people, then give them your pre-crafted solution. Sheeple buy it every time.

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