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+ - Eight Major 3G & 4G Networks Tested Nationwide

Submitted by adeelarshad82
adeelarshad82 (1482093) writes "Building on last year's efforts, PCMag once again hit the road on a 6,000 mile trip to test out eight 3G and 4G networks to determine which ones were the fastest (and slowest) in 21 different cities. With 10 stops in each city for at least 15 minutes each, the team used custom speed test software on 16 different handsets which ran HTTP uploads and downloads tests every 25 seconds to 3 minutes. The test results were broken down by city as well as region. As expected Verizon’s 4G led the pack. It performed the best in Dallas where it averaged 15.75 Mbsp and also hit the highest download speed of 37.66 Mbsp. On the other hand Sprint's 4G simply disappointed, in fact in some cities AT&T provided better download speeds. Beyond the 4G, T-Mobile's HSPA+ offered blazing fast speeds as well, going as high up as 15.93 Mbsp in Detroit while averaging the best in Dallas at 6.44 Mbps. Amongst the 3G networks, AT&T mostly outperformed all others."
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Eight Major 3G & 4G Networks Tested Nationwide

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