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+ - Are We Witnessing the Decline of Ubuntu?-> 2

Submitted by jammag
jammag (1021683) writes ""When the history of free software is written, I am increasingly convinced that this last year will be noted as the start of the decline of Ubuntu," opines Linux pundit Bruce Byfield. After great initial success, Ubuntu and Canonical began to isolate themselves from the mainstream of the free software community. Canonical, he says, has tried to control the open source community, and the company has floundered in many of its initiatives. Really, the mighty Ubuntu, in decline?"
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Are We Witnessing the Decline of Ubuntu?

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  • His attitude towards people who volunteer to help rubs people the wrong way. There have been numerous outbursts where he goes off on, denigrating the very people who are freely giving their time with comments like, "There is going to be a crowd that is just too cool to use something that looks really slick and there is nothing we can do for them." People in the community asked if they could be given the option to move the Unity dock to different places on the screen and were told no. People began to questio
    • by Static (1229)

      I have to say the utter arrogance about the Unity Dock exhibited by Shuttleworth drove me away. I imagine it drove a lot of others away, too.

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