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Braille Playboy 11

You really do read it for the articles in this case.


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Braille Playboy

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  • A lot of good science fiction by significant authors made its first appearance in Playboy, sometimes because other presses wouldn't touch it (times were different then; with Bret Easton Ellis around, it's hard to believe JG Ballard's Crash got him labeled as a nutcase and temporarily blacklisted from the publishing world). Apart from Ballard, Playboy writers include Ellison, Vonnegut, Phil Dick. Even le Guin and (I believe) Asimov.

    Although I am kind of amused that, by the pic, the braille Playboy is apparen

    • by ricegf ( 1059658 )

      Don't be insulting. Isaac Asimov would never besmirch his name by writing for a lascivious, nudity-ridden rag like Playboy. The very idea is beyond contempt.

      Asimov wrote The Union Club Mystery [] stories for Gallery.


      (And yes, I'm aware that Asimov did, indeed, write for Playboy [] - and fittingly, darned near every other publication on the planet. Words to Asimov were like water to Niagara Falls.)

      • So you're saying he wasn't good enough for Playboy, huh?

        Just kidding. Interesting article. I have a big gap in my sf canon, as I've not read much Asimov. Only some short stories which were generally excellent, and Murder at the ABA of all things.

    • I believe Stephen King was also a early publisher in the magazine.

  • Didn't the movie Sneakers [] show the blind character reading a Braille Playboy?
    • Indeed it did, that's what I thought when I saw this. We watched it in my IT class, and I muttered to the one next to me something like "well, we know he reads it for the articles". That might have been a few seconds before something similar was said in the movie; I can't remember that clearly.

      • We watched it in my IT class,

        For what? As some sort of example of reality? The movie is about a black box encryption device that can supposedly break any encryption on any computer built by, of all people, the Russians.

        • It was part of our IT ethics module, not as an example of real-world IT. Could have been worse, we could have watched Swordfish.

    • by macdaddy ( 38372 )
      I believe "Robin Hood: Men In Tights" did as well.
  • Any synaptic, haptic, sinhaptic feeback coming to this product?

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