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Obese Woman Told To Get MRI At the Zoo 15

5-foot tall, 275-pound Carolyn Ragan is upset with the University of Kansas Hospital after she was told to have an MRI of her spinal tumor done at a zoo because the hospital's machine could not accommodate her. "(a medical assistant)...suggested the Kansas City Zoo," Ragan said. "I thought, I know I'm big, but I'm not as big as an elephant. And my husband got mad." The University of Kansas Hospital would not comment on Ragan's claim, but said its MRI department does not know of any animal MRI in the Kansas City area that would scan a human. You know it's time to put down the burger and go for a walk when you have to go to the large mammal exhibit for health care.


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Obese Woman Told To Get MRI At the Zoo

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  • by jerep ( 794296 )

    How come such people don't live in the zoo to begin with anyways.

  • FTFA: "They should have machines that fit most everybody," she said

    yep, but MOST every other person has some semblance of self-control to not do this to themselves

    • They do have machines that fit most everybody, but that's not a comfort to those people who are not most everybody.

      Statistically, this lady is an outlier, well beyond two standard deviations from the mean. From her statement, it is obvious that she doesn't believe she's that far away from normal. Ironic.

      • From her statement it's obvious that she was very offended. Whether or not she admits to herself she has a weight problem is no one else's business.

        The nurse was probably trying to give her a hard time, anyway.

        How would you feel if someone told you to go to the zoo for a procedure?

        • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

          by LinuxIdiot ( 708662 )
          I'd moo and try to mount the closest semi-attractive nurse
        • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

          by deadlock911 ( 629647 )
          I'd take it as a sign i should loose some weight...or shave more....depending on the context
        • I'd tell her that bullshit red tape would prevent it otherwise it's a good idea. But then I'm a scientist.

        • by Joebert ( 946227 )

          How would you feel if someone told you to go to the zoo for a procedure?

          This person is obviously smart enough to see my fat ass isn't going to fit and yet they have an alternative in mind instead of just letting my fat ass die.

    • She IS bigger than a baby elephant (170 - 250 lbs) or baby hippo (60 to 110 lbs). Just look at the video ... []

      You can see the MRI machine. The only way she'd fit is if if she blends.

      • most hilarious part of the video is the opening segment where she is getting some food out of the fridge, LMAO.

        ok to be completely fair -- she is elderly and their bodies get do fat naturally, especially if they are diabetic.
  • scrubs quote anyone.

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