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Family Scavenges Streets For Change 10

It's fair to call Barbara and Scott Humpherys penny-pinchers, and they are making sure their daughters end up the same way. The family scours parking lots, sidewalks and every other place you can imagine for for other people's lost money. "It's not so much that we need the money," Barbara said, "it's to show an example to our children. The more change you see, that penny becomes 99 more, and it becomes a dollar." "With the economy the way it is right now, it's important that they realize Dad is not this endless tap of cash," added Scott, a U.S. Army career counselor. I think this is a great thing to do with your family. It teaches resourcefulness, financial responsibility and that child hands are the perfect size for slipping between sewer grates.


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Family Scavenges Streets For Change

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  • This is horrible! It teaches their children to value practically worthless amounts of money over their time. It's one thing to pick up loose change as you see it, (which I do,) but it's another thing to devote precious hours of one's life to an activity with such little economic gain. Once those children realize that a McJob paying minimum wage makes more money; they'll resent their parents for being crazy and undervaluing a dollar.

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