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Your Business Card Is Crap 26

Looks like someone took the business card scene in American Psycho to heart.

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Your Business Card Is Crap

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  • I've known so many guys like this. No matter what, they're the latest, greatest, whatever who's so much better than you.

    If you go to the YouTube page, it has a link for some marketing scam. The whole idea of this is, "I'm better than you, so I make better money, but you can buy whatever I'm selling and be like me."

    If I met this guy at an industry convention, where I would expect to be talking and trading cards with people, I'd walk away from this guy. He's an ass. I would

  • That stupid dipshit says it took him 25 years to design that tarot card he's trying to pass off as a business card. He should have saved about 22 of them by spending 3 years in a decent commercial art program.

    He notes quite correctly that it won't fit in a Rolodex. It will, however, fit quite nicely into the Round File...which is where it would wind up if I was given one.


  • And why don't you want me to put your business card there?

    • by quenda ( 644621 )
      It was a thing your grandad used to store contacts before they had electricity. See also: Filofax.
  • he should tattoo

    on his forehead

    Who the hell uses business cards these days in any case?

  • Does he really want people to answer that? His card says that he's a douche and is full of himself. His card says that he wasted 25 years of his life working on an effective business card, rather than doing something productive, like watching grass grow. His card says that he has too much money and should be personally taxed more. His card says that he doesn't care about the earth because of all the 4 dollar, nice card stock business cards that will be thrown out after people mutter, "what a douche," af
  • He's ignoring the true purpose of a business card. It's to allow people to be able to find you again fast so they can do business with you. His point that he spends $4 on a business card tells me he wastes money, meaning I don't want to deal with him because I want the most bang for my buck, not someone who thinks the answer to business problems is to waste money on non-essentials.

    I'll tell you the type of card people hold onto: full color cards with a photo. Those get you noticed, if they're nicely done

  • and use it to buy my own cards.

    Raised lettering is better... very heavy stock is nice. Oil print is nothing. It should fit in the rolodex, but be just enough taller than standard (1/32 to 1/16) for the finger to find it more easily than the others... which is also part of the reason for the heavier stock.

    And that is going to cost you. Probably about 1.3 to 2 x the regular price. That's still not very much.

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