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Man Reinvents The Wheel 9

Guan Baihua has reinvented the wheel, oddly. The 50-year-old retired Chinese military officer has patented a bicycle with odd-sided wheels. The bike took him 18 months to develop and features a front wheel that is a pentagon and a back wheel that is a triangle. "There are too many identical mass-manufactured things. More and more, people like weird and rarely seen stuff. Making this bike gives people an alternative," he said. A single-cube ice tray, a hammer featuring a self-lubricating handle, and a social networking site are rumored to be Gaun's next big projects.


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Man Reinvents The Wheel

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  • Back when I was a kid, Mr. Wizard was showing off a whole bunch of "equal diameter" shapes. Rolls just fine, but since the axis (or axel in this case) moves around you get a rough ride.

    • by Swizec ( 978239 )
      If only we had a way to develop a mechanism to counteract the variations in relative distance between the rider's center of gravity and a perfectly flat horizontal surface. I think if I ever invent such a system I'll file a patent under "suspension". That's bound to make me rich.
  • a few things (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Pharago ( 1197161 )
    i'd like to see that taking a high speed turn or two if it mades it the first time, and how the wheels' shape affects it's braking ability
  • I approve of his design only because he used a prime number for the number of sides on the wheel.
  • It's not a new idea to have a bycicle with non circular wheels and it has been built before. So how can he get a patent for that? There's prior art.

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