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Woman Blasts Off Boyfriend's Penis With Firecrackers 8

A Russian woman who became irate that her boyfriend did not want to marry her tied firecrackers to his penis and set them off. The evening started off pleasantly. The couple shared a nice dinner, some laughs and quite a few drinks. Exploding genitals never crossed 33-year-old Alik D's mind as he passed out. Moments later his girlfriend Kira tied the mini-explosives to his manhood and sent it to the hereafter in a shower of sparks and a bang. Alik remains in intensive care and Kira faces up to 12 years imprisonment even if he lives.


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Woman Blasts Off Boyfriend's Penis With Firecrackers

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  • If he lives? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by erroneus ( 253617 ) on Wednesday May 27, 2009 @05:21PM (#28115371) Homepage

    Maybe this is because I am a man, but I think I would feel the same way if something similar happened to a woman. Mutilating someone for life should be result in life imprisonment or death... death being the lighter of the two options. The only adequate compensation for someone's lost life (if it could be considered adequate at all) would be for the perpetrator to suffer as much as the victim. The victim's life will not return to any normalcy after 12 years. Why should the perpetrator's life?

  • I can't think of a good "In Soviet Russia" for this one.
  • Funny ha ha (Score:2, Insightful)

    by wdef ( 1050680 )
    I'm always struck by how many people - usually women it seems - think a cowardly, deranged and vicious attack on some human being's genitals by a dangerous woman is "funny". Think back to [] How many women did you know thought it was a laughing matter? Leaving someone mutilated and most likely sexually crippled for the rest of their life - ha ha ha ha ha. And it's a MAN so he must deserve it. Female genital mutilation of the awful pharonic kind - holding
  • I may have just seen the light and feel a sudden urge to "Make it Legal"

What this country needs is a good five cent ANYTHING!