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Mock Class Hanging Not Teacher's Best Idea 10

Australian teachers drew a fair bit of criticism from authorities when a mock class hanging left a student gasping for a new class project. The student fell from a table while his classmates were photographing a staged hanging as part of an English class project. The students and teachers ran to the boy and cut the rope when he fell, but not before he turned blue. "It beggars belief that such an incident could take place. I'm a parent. The last thing I've ever wanted any of my children to do is put a rope around their neck," Queensland state Education Minister Geoff Wilson said. Needless to say the Faux Gas Chamber that the children have been working on for the past semester has been put on indefinite hold.


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Mock Class Hanging Not Teacher's Best Idea

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  • If you decide you're going to rig up a "fake hanging" of any kind, be sure that the noose is actually hanging from given structure using a strand or two (at most) of 6lb test monofilament. If you slip, the monofilament will snap LONG before you're injured by the noose around your neck.
    • by EvanED ( 569694 )

      That was my reaction too.

      This was pretty damn stupid of the teacher, who should probably be charged with child endangerment or something similar, or at least fired for complete lack of judgement.

      • Personally I feel that the fact that they don't seem to be going lawsuit happy over this incident is a good thing. The teacher screwed up and now I think we can be sure is never going to do something so stupid again. Lesson learnt, luckily no-one was permenantly harmed. Why the child had to be up on a table I have no idea though. The rope should have been long enough for the child to stand on the ground.
        • Sorry, no.

          If I was a parent of a child in that class, at the very, very least I would want the teacher permanently barred from ever teaching anywhere again, and I would be pushing for some serious criminal charges.

          • That's why it luckily isn't the parents who decides on those matters.
            • Would you really let your kid go back to the same class under the same teacher where they could easily have been accidentally hanged the day before?

              • Well, I don't have kids so I can't know that. But rationally, I don't think a teacher would dare to do anything dangerous again after such an incident so it shouldn't be an actual problem.
  • Australia is on the underside of the world. He should have fallen up, right?

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