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Man Accidentally Boarded Up Inside His Foreclosed Home 7

What's worse than going through a foreclosure? Getting trapped inside the house after the city boards it up, without first checking to make sure it's empty. Ted Poetsch was spending the last hour he had to vacate his home of 53 years by eating a little lunch and collecting a few last personal items. That's when he heard the contractor outside starting to drill into the door frame. Cane in hand, he hurried to the front door only to discover that he was too late. He had been boarded up inside. City officials say that Mr. Poetsch had ample warning that they were coming that day and that his brief incarceration was a mistake.


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Man Accidentally Boarded Up Inside His Foreclosed Home

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  • What mortgage lasts more than 30 years? "His home for 53 years" is almost 2 whole mortgages! And the pic does not look like 54 year-old construction. I have a 54 year old house and it does not look nearly that new. I something smells fishy!

    • Perhaps he bought it from his parents, that would explain the time-frame of the mortgage.
    • From a comment on the article page:
      Here are a few details from the print version that were left out of the online version: -The house was paid off before he was born -He was reaised in this house and it became his after his parents passed -A loan was taken out against the house for a new roof, to pay off credit card debt and for "other expenses"
    • Refinanced. If you just refinance twice, this kind of crap can happen to you.
  • Reminds me of this [].

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