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Skateboard Attack Is a Quantum Mystery 7

NotNormallyNormal writes "It appears that quantum mechanics can't be solved with a skateboard. A court case in San Mateo County has a homeless man on trial for attacking another transient. Apparently a discussion between two homeless men about "quantum mechanics and the splitting of atoms" was rudely ended by a third homeless man who joined the conversation and then ended it by hitting one of the other men with a skateboard. It might be hard for the man to claim innocence with there being two external observers knowing that will collapse the wave function. Maybe he was trying to explain how the skateboard could tunnel through his head?"


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Skateboard Attack Is a Quantum Mystery

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  • From a followup article:

    Deputy District Attorney Sharon Cho said the jury that acquitted Keller of assault and battery charges couldn't sort out the conflicting statements of prosecution witnesses.

    "The jury just felt unable to really know what happened out there," Cho said.

    He was acquitted due to uncertainty :-)

    • Well, they couldn't tell if he was really there or not, but he was in the general area so it's entirely possible that he was.

  • Is there a good reason for the skateboard in the picture being made out of Lego? TFA makes no mention of Lego.

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