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CodeWeavers To Overtake Microsoft By 2018 10

Jeremy White writes "CodeWeavers examines Microsoft's latest financial results and concludes they will overtake Microsoft by the year 2018. The data includes a graph with exacting and highly rigorous projections, along with a documentary about the discovery."


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CodeWeavers To Overtake Microsoft By 2018

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  • For those who don't know, CodeWeavers are the makers of Crossover Linux, which is a way to run Windows programs in Linux. You can also do similar on Mac with Crossover Mac. Crossover uses wine. Here is a breakdown of the scientifict method used: http://xkcd.com/605/ [xkcd.com]
  • Maybe the critical mass will be when Crossover is able to natively run the .NET Framework. It might sound like blasphemy while Mono may gain more traction, but developers being lazy by default, it would be nice to run a ClickOnce app on Linux or Mac. Currently, there aren't even hoops to jump through for that, ClickOnce just plain does not work yet.

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