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N00b Boyfriend 39

He'll probably ask where to find Mankrik's wife at dinner.

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N00b Boyfriend

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  • That is so hilarious. I laughed so hard at :"This relationship is headed for an epic fail young lady!"
    Just brilliant. "Too long, did not listen."
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      The date dude knew more about that stuff than I do. The last thing I understood was that part about running around in circles in halo. Actually, I get half way around before I run out of lives. I play with my nephews. I can tolerate the slaughter for about 2 minutes. Then I challenge them to some chess but they know they'll get "pawned" so they chicken out.

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        by Supurcell ( 834022 )
        Uh oh, we gots us a n00b in our midst.
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        by sznupi ( 719324 )

        "chess is a game of skill only at novice and grandmaster levels"

        • "a game of chess is like a sword fight - you must think first - before you move"
        • What does that even mean? I heard that quote, but I have no clue what it's talking about. Because chess is a skill at any level........are they trying to imply that there's some kind of innate talent? Because as far as I can tell, you can improve your chess skill at any level, not just beginner and grandmaster.
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            When both players are novice, all patterns are new, and therefore the winner is decided buy pure skill. Then, you may start to learn a few openings, and a few tricks. It doesn't take much to easily beat novices, but you haven't won because of your skills, only because you memorized tricks. There is a huge range where the winner is decided more than by how well you know the opening than by actual skills. Eventually, you get to a point where you already know all the tricks there are to know, and so does your
            • So what you are saying is you don't consider memorization of tricks and learning patterns to be a skill? What exactly then do you consider to be a skill?
              • Creativity, I guess? Forward thinking? Yes, it's a question of semantics, the point being that it's not the same.

                And like I said, it's not that bad. No game is ever exactly by the book, and players of roughly equal level can have an exciting game even if that range is middling, but someone who is used to play will beat a novice so easily that it won't even be fun, and will not learn anything himself. That's the same as in most other sport/games, I know except that what constitute practice in chess is oft
                • what constitute practice in chess is often not chess at all, and boring as hell.

                  lol hilarious excellent point, but I would suggest that is true of most other sports or endeavors as well..........except maybe running. I think you get better at running by running. But.......

      • pawned! classic. Well done sir
  • That is the funniest thing I have ever seen in idle.
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      by Anonymous Coward

      That's a pretty low bar

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