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Judge Rules Quadriplegic Can Bear Arms 15

A judge has ruled that 46-year-old quadriplegic James Cap has the right to bear arms even though he is, "physically unable to hold a gun or pull a trigger." Cap was an avid hunter until a spinal injury sustained in a college football game left him wheelchair bound. He applied for a gun permit in May 2007 and was turned down by the Manville, New Jersey police because he "couldn't’t control, load or unload a firearm himself." James is now looking for a suitable weapon to use in the upcoming deer season.


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Judge Rules Quadriplegic Can Bear Arms

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  • I'm torn as to whether a gun mounted on a wheelchair is awesome or pathetic.
    • It's awesome! It's the modern remake of Rat Patrol! Guns on vehicles become guns on Rascal scooters!

    • I imagine he could commission someone to hook up an air tube with a pressure sensor to a trigger pulling actuator. Then he could go for target practice, provided he has a similar device made for aiming the weapon. I imagine it would be difficult to use a scope, though...
    • by mollog ( 841386 )
      It's troubling. Let's hope this does not catch on.

      I'm sympathetic, but, really, is this a good idea? And it's hard for me to imagine how he's going to stalk a deer in that chair. I'm going to assume that they have a salt lick and are baiting the deer to a location where he can shoot it.
  • Playtimes over I got a job to do, and the world will be less crowded by the time I'm through, and I'll keep rolling while bullets fly, cause all my shootings be drivebys. -mchawking (mp3) (WORDs)
  • Subject says it all.

  • by mcohrs ( 1044844 )
    The folks at the Wyoming Assistive Technology Project, WYNOT, now called WIND (, had a number of modified weapons for people with disabilities. Contact them for more information. I also saw a handgun online designed for people who did not have the strength to pull a regular trigger or hold a regular pistol.
    • I also saw a handgun online designed for people who did not have the strength to pull a regular trigger or hold a regular pistol.

      Wicked! I've been scratching my head wondering what to get my toddler for Christmas. Thanks for the tip!

    • When I took my first archery training, there was a whole section regarding addressing such problems. On occasion, I've had to improvise. On multiple occasions, I've duct-taped bows to forearm casts. From others, I've heard stories of shooters with missing thumbs, wheelchairs, one arm, and even a shooter whose only mobility was his jaw. There is absolutely no reason why anyone not in a coma cannot use a firearm. The Manville police appear to be idiots.

  • I hope he doesn't sneeze into that air tube and nail a toddler. Or is he going to have a trained bloodthirsty attack monkey to pull the trigger?

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