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Sex Advice From Dungeons and Dragons Players 8

Movement rules, combat order, and spells are not the limit to a Dungeon Master's knowledge. How different is keeping track of a hobgoblin village than keeping track of a heart? Here's a collection of questions and answers about love and relationships specifically for role players. "Warn your parents that Charisma is your girlfriend’s dump stat" is a personal favorite.


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Sex Advice From Dungeons and Dragons Players

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  • ...that there aren't any other posts here yet.

    By the way, if you're tempted DO NOT READ TFA. I lost sanity points, and that was just from skimming page 1 of 3.
    • um, yea, this has very little to do with D&D, and seems to be a rant from some chick about "role playing" and sex, and how though D&D is kinda cool, role playing that kind of character and relationships should not be mixed. Also seems to be about her getting hit on in book and comic book stores...

      dull and off topic.

      I was really hoping for a good funny article about actual D&D and sex and geeks, not a rant from some hard up chick.

  • Using dice in bed can be good fun, depending on what instructions you put on the dice, and how many you use. Being told (by dice #2 ) to give her a backrub while in the Mongolian-Sheep position (dice #1) without having permission to uncouple can result in some quite interesting contortions (think "screw you!" in a rather more literal sense than it is normally used).

    We really need to get those free-fall hotels going.

    Good call on not kneeling on the 4-sided dice though. not that you'd want to be restricted to

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