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Scientists Confirm Fast is Best for Band-Aid Removal 14

A study at Queensland's James Cook University has proved that removing a band-aid quickly hurts less than taking it off slowly. Scientists found the pain involved with removal to be more of a psychological issue than a physical one. "It's fascinating that if you had a preconception that slow was going to be more painful in fact it was, so it also suggests that pain is not just what you perceive but what you think you will perceive when you get the painful stimulus," Researcher Dr Carl O'Kane said. The study also proved that researchers have an abundance of free time at the university.


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Scientists Confirm Fast is Best for Band-Aid Removal

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  • That proves it. (Score:2, Insightful)

    A study at Queensland's James Cook University used 65 medical students who removed Band-Aids either quickly or slowly, and ranked their pain reaction from zero to 10.

  • that this wasn't funded by my tax money. Seriously, where do I sign up to do useless research.

    Up next: People happier when surrounded by playful puppies.
    •     Puppies are annoying. Now, a room full of kittens, that's nice. :)

          But better, a room full of strippers, where the tab was paid in advance, and they were paid for "full service". That makes people really happy. :)

  • So let me get this straight... If someone hits me in the back of the head with a bat, when I an not expecting it, it should not hurt. I did not expect any pain to be delivered, and so it should not be there? Or is it skewed because I know a bat to the head should hurt, in which case does it hurt after i find out it is a bat with which I was struck?
    • Well, if they hit you hard enough, you won't feel a thing.
    • by xumio ( 840966 )
      that depends - it could have been a placebo bat, or even a homeophatic one

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