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Spitting In Public, That's an Eviction 8

A new plan calls for Chinese residents in council housing estates in the city of Guangzhou to be evicted if they are caught spitting in public or littering. The plan sets up penalty points for residents who break the rules. Spitting in public carries a three-point penalty, littering is on a sliding 5-7 point scale depending on what floor you are on when you litter. Anyone who racks up 20 points will be asked to leave.


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Spitting In Public, That's an Eviction

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  • From US State dep't:

    Visitors should be aware of Singapore's strict laws and penalties for a variety of actions that might not be illegal or might be considered minor offenses in the United States. These include jaywalking, littering and spitting. Singapore has a mandatory caning sentence for vandalism offenses. Caning may also be imposed for immigration violations and other offenses. Commercial disputes that may be handled as civil suits in the United States can escalate to criminal cases in Singapore a

    • Some of my friends are being asked to leave their apartment for basically walking in their apartment (and for not being buddies with the landlord)

      At least littering and spitting are avoidable offenses...and provable.

  • chinese, in china, are not big spitters or litterers, compared to other places like india for example, and besides, it creates jobs. what chinese men love to do however is an explosive cleansing of the nasal cavity that must be seen to be believed!

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