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Avatar — the Metacontextual Edition 15

An anonymous reader writes "Here's Avatar stripped of the distracting special effects. Rudyard Kipling would be proud." It's funny how something so visually amazing can have such an underwhelming and rehashed story.


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Avatar — the Metacontextual Edition

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  • Failblog win (Score:3, Informative)

    by dazedNconfuzed ( 154242 ) on Monday January 11, 2010 @03:01PM (#30726440) []

    It's Pocahantas (or a zillion other stories) with just a change of names.

    • by Rei ( 128717 )

      That's a lot better than the main article. The main article mainly just repeatedly criticizes the movie for daring to provide backstory (gasp!) and for Neytiri saying (a single time) that the reason she saved him was that he has "heart" -- never mind that it was a clear metaphor for bravery given that she just watched him get chased by an overgrown cat and jump off a waterfall.

      Your link is a lot funnier, as it concisely harps on how much of an archetype this story is.

    • by Yosho ( 135835 )

      Wow, thanks for pointing that out. Nobody has ever said that before. Not even the second line in the article!

  • ...all they did is that it have quite huge (although boring) story. When you look to transcript of say, Terminator, you would believe to die from boredom and how cool movie that was...
    • If I read the transcript of Terminator, I notice that there is a main character with depth. And a supporting character with even more depth. And an original plot. And a villain that was not taken from a Captain Planet episode.
  • ... the fact that Avatar has a pretty standard plot, but pretty much any plot, no matter how original, can be written up in a similarly snarky way, and seem stale and uninteresting.

  • Some of the criticisms in this analysis are spot on, while some are just dumb and deliberately fail to see why the points being criticized do in fact work.

    EVERY movie Cameron has ever made has been formula to the bone. This one is the same. Its only two crimes are A) It was a 20 year old script which wasn't quite tight enough. And B), It criticizes American values and pits love and spiritual awareness directly against technology and human colonial expansionism.

    Touchy-feely is good in a sinking-ship movie

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