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Students Charged With Felony Snowball Throwing 31

Charles Gill and Ryan Knight are facing felony charges for allegedly throwing snow at a plow and an undercover police car. The pair were charged with throwing missiles at occupied vehicles. If convicted, the men face 1-5 years in prison, and a maximum $2,500 fine. In addition to the snowball throwers, a group making snow angels was detained, but no charges were filed.


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Students Charged With Felony Snowball Throwing

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  • Step 1: Throw snowballs at cars.
    Step 2: Run like hell!

    If cops are responding to a "snowballs thrown" call, then they seriously must not have enough to do!
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by GooberToo ( 74388 )

      Wish I understood why people think its okay to throw "soft" objects are moving vehicles. I've had my front windshield shattered from a water balloon and almost wrecked on rain soaked roads. Snowballs can be an even worse projectile.

      If more people would understand some very basic math, thew would never do such things. Any object with mass hitting a vehicle at speed creates the potential for serious damage or injury.

      Snowballs can and do damage vehicles. The proper mindset is, if these kids have time and the d

      • by jpstanle ( 1604059 ) on Friday February 12, 2010 @10:14AM (#31112440)

        The proper mindset is, if these kids have time and the desire to throw snowballs at moving vehicles, their community is lacking for activities to keep them out of trouble.

        I know! No wholesome community should have kids running around outside playing in the snow. They ought to be safe inside consuming approved media.

        • Obviously throwing snowballs at each other is not entertainment enough if they need to throw them at cars. You're message is nasty and uninformed.

      • by flyneye ( 84093 )

        For your understanding. The young have the immortal feeling of infinite entitlement.
        In a small town, one drunk teenage summer night, we were having a roman candle/ bottle rocket fight in one of the public parks.
        One of the local deputies dropped by to make sure we weren't having any fun. Upon his departure, Toby and Droop fired bottle rockets at the cruiser. One went up his tailpipe in an odds beating shot, the other, in his passenger side window where the report was compressed into a satisfying explosion. T

      • by BLKMGK ( 34057 )

        Just exactly how fast was a snow PLOW likely to be going in inclement weather? For that matter an undercover police car was likely not moving too fast either considering the weather here on the East Coast brought us FEET of snow that totally overwhelmed snow removal services. a week later I'm still driving on some streets that have 6inch thick ice sheets on them. I don't think you need worry that these were vehicles traveling 60MPH being pelted by objects which wold indeed be deadly serious!

        That said - not

  • Prison is too good for them, send them to Gitmo!

  • Is this that case last month where the police detective reponded to a college snowball fight by threatening students with his sidearm?
  • If they had been busting snowball throwers when I was their age, I would be doing life in prison.
  • Okay these two are complete morons but a felony charge? I think that is a bit much. 100 days community service with a misdemeanor charge.
  • The police point out that this wasn't just a few snowballs and that this occurred in the middle of a snow storm! These guys were throwing SHOVEL fulls of snow onto windshields and when the officers attempted to exit their vehicle they received shovel fulls of snow as well!

    These weren't 10 year old children but 21 year old college students who ought to have had a little more common sense! I'm not sure a felony charge is warranted unless they're being charged with criminal stupidity but they sure ought to be charged with something. Not the brightest bulbs on the porch....

    • At least somebody RTFA. If these kids were just throwing snowballs, this would be absurd, but according to the press release: "As the officers arrived on the scene, the offenders threw shovel fulls of snow on the windshield of the plow and at an unmarked HPD vehicle. As the officers were exiting their vehicle, the offenders also threw snow inside the police vehicle." This isn't really just a simple case of "kids will be kids" its a case of "young adults can be complete morons".

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