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Phone Number Suspended After Everyone Who Had It Dies 9

The Bulgarian mobile phone company Mobitel has discontinued the number 0888 888 888 because everybody who has had it has died. The number's first owner, Vladimir Grashnov, died of cancer. Then Bulgarian mafia boss Konstantin Dimitrov was killed by an assassin. Finally, cocaine trafficker Konstantin Dishliev took over the number. He was shot outside an Indian restaurant. From the article: "Since then, the number is understood to have been dormant while police maintained an open file on Dishliev's killing and his smuggling ring. Now phone bosses are said to have suspended the number for good. Callers now get a recorded message saying the phone is 'outside network coverage.' A Mobitel spokesman would only say, 'We have no comment to make. We won't discuss individual numbers.'"


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Phone Number Suspended After Everyone Who Had It Dies

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