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Romania Now Taking Donations 23

The Romanian government is taking an unusual approach to fixing its economic problems; it has created a donation box. Everyone except legal entities can donate money to the newly formed "solidarity fund." From the article: "Officials said the new fund is aimed at public officials who earn additional income on top of regular wages by serving on administrative boards of companies entirely or partially owned by the state. Prime Minister Emil Boc has also said he will donate his wages to the fund, but the account is open to anyone who wishes to contribute. Donations can be made by bank transfer to a special account and a list of donations will subsequently be published on the ministry's website."


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Romania Now Taking Donations

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  • A lot of libertarians want to make taxes voluntary, just as charitable contributions are voluntary. It surprises me that one of the first implementations of this comes from the land of Numa Numa.
    • by M8e ( 1008767 )

      You already have a choice. Pay taxes OR risk that the IRS comes after you. You can also avoid taxes in semilegal ways.
      There was even a choice in the medieval times. Pay taxes OR getting an corporal punishment.[salute]

      This is just, pay extra tax OR lose votes in the next election.

    • Re: (Score:1, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Technically Numa Numa (i.e., Dragostea din tei) is a Moldovan song. But Moldova should, by every right, be a part of Romania, so you're sort of right.

      • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

        by gr8dude ( 832945 )

        Only 4 comments, and someone already pointed that out; Slashdot is fast!

        Are you from Romania or from Moldova (Republic of)? From what I know, not everyone in Romania wholeheartedly agrees that the states have to be reunited. The situation in Moldova itself is not clear either.

        There is internal resistance on either side, I don't see how this integration will take place in the near future.

        • by Anonymous Coward
          FUD ! "there is internal resistance on either side" Of course there is internal resitance on either side. Funny how that "internal" resistance is made up almost entirely of ethnic minorities (colonized russians on one side and hungarians on the other side) - who would lose their opportunistic political influence [owed to the fact that those minorities vote on ethnic criteria and Not on political criteria]. read: their are always in the guvernment no matter who wins/loses the elections because whoever w
      • But Moldova should, by every right, be a part of Romania

        So by the same logic would you say that Transylvania should be part of Hungary?

        I'm sure that you will be able to come up with some contorted rationalization that justifies only the particular border changes that support your national views, but the rest of us would laugh if it weren't so tragic.

    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      by spaanoft ( 153535 )

      Interestingly, the province of Ontario sort of has something like this. There's a section on the provincial tax return where you can donate any amount you want to the provincial government, ostensibly going directly towards debt reduction (or you can donate directly if you want). Supposedly it gets about $100,000 a year. Not much, but I guess it's another million less gathering interest.

    • It surprises me that one of the first implementations of this comes from the land of Numa Numa.

      With us, Romanians, being retarded and all ..

    • by Poorcku ( 831174 )
      libertarians don't think that. those are the anarchists. every libertarian recognizes the importance of the state, and while taxes are coercive (which goes against the libertarian thinking) there are no other known methods of making a first and second party pay when there is a third party that is not involved in the contract but feels the consequences (like toxic waste). And please don't call us libertarians. We are liberals. In the very true and classical meaning of it.
    • What's the bet that the government would be rendered completely unable to perform its most basic duties?

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