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Boomer the Dog-Man 18

BigSes writes "A judge will take a few days to decide upon approving the name change of a Pittsburgh area man. The man would like to change his name to 'Boomer the Dog' after the short lived television series. He is also a strong supporter of the anthropomorphic movement. Should a name change be such an issue?"


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Boomer the Dog-Man

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  • by tepples ( 727027 ) <tepples.gmail@com> on Thursday August 12, 2010 @11:48AM (#33228894) Homepage Journal

    Denied [nypost.com].

    But seriously, Meat Loaf isn't legally Meat Loaf; he's Michael Aday. Whoopi Goldberg isn't legally Whoopi Goldberg; she's Caryn Johnson. And during the height of his gridiron football career, Pacman Jones wasn't legally Pacman Jones; he was and is still Adam Jones. I don't see why he can't remain Gary Guy Mathews and just sign his name "Boomer Mathews".

    • Chad Ochocinco [thesmokinggun.com]

      Sunshine Megatron [wired.com]

    • by Sylak ( 1611137 )
      you sir, underestimate how crazy some of us furries can be
  • The brilliant phone phreak Joe Engressia (RIP) legally changed his name in NYC to Joybubbles (no last name, just Joybubbles.) So why can't Boomer Matthews change his name to Boomer the Dog? It's really important to him (no joke) as was Joe's strong desire to be Joybubbles. Who does this hurt? The judge who turned down Boomer's request own had a specious argument -- the name change would constitute a threat to public safety! "Consider the following example," Judge Folino wrote, "Petitioner witnesses a s
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      Another thing to note... If he gets into an accident and calls for help, couldn't he just give a fake name? Or even his old name. Hell, he could probably get help by pretending not to be able to speak.

      Taking this even further, what if someone names their child something along those lines? Will the court deny it or make the parents change it? What's the limit to this? What name is just barely too crazy to have as deemed by the court? I wonder if it's the "the" that gives them trouble. No one seems to like
  • I would understand wanting to legally change your name to something jewish if you live in an antisemitic environment.
    Generally I would understand wanting to legally change your name to another known human name, to prove some point like the above.

    But other than that... in this particular case I don't see a reasonable reason.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Furry is a subculture. A subculture that's populated by widely varying degrees of sanity, autism, perversion and, in rare cases, innocent curiosity or passing interest. Movements have a purpose. Calling furry a movement would be like calling anime fans a movement. The only way for furries to 'support' their subculture is to keep their heads down and try not to make themselves look worse by sugarcoating everything.

  • Is it because he barks loudly or does he have a serious digestive disorder?

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