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New Castle Councilman Calls Cops On Boys' Cupcake Sale 7

timothy writes "Two middle school students thought they would get away with their insidious plans to sell baked goods in a local park, and if it wasn't for that meddling, portly small-time politician they would have!" Looks like the Portland lemonade girls finally have some company. Hopefully this will teach children not to travel down the dark path of the bake sale.


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New Castle Councilman Calls Cops On Boys' Cupcake Sale

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  • Damn..this guy should run for Senate, with this kind of thinking and capacity for fast, thoughtful, meaningful action...He'd fit right in up on Capitol Hill with the rest of them.
  • No wonder kids are joining gangs and such nowadays. With assclowns like this (and you can't tell me he's the only one in the US), it's no goddamn wonder. You have 4 kids here, wanting to actually, honestly make money to make more money to open a business (what did they call that? The American Dream?), and jackoff boy here shoots them down. Now, that being said, if they set up for say months, or interfered with traffic in the park, either vehicle or foot, I could see giving them shit about it... geeze... idi
  • This guys is a fucking idiot that committed career suicide. I'd say that this portly fellow should not bother with running for re-election. If I were a resident, I would be actively campaigning against this guy. I read the TFA and Wolfsohn did not have to call the police. He could have just gone up to the kids and politely explained the situation. Is the fat bastard scared these kids are gonna go ape shit on him?
  • Is there some rule that you should be exempted from permit laws if you're young enough to be cute?

    • The law of common sense. Same law that protects you children to be run over by a car when they are playing in your street.

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