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Man With Service Snake Lobbies Against Bill 12

A Washington State bill that would narrow the definition of what a service animal is has an Olympia man hissing mad. The new bill seeks to limit the species that could be considered service animals to only dogs and miniature horses. Daniel Green uses a snake. He says he's taught the snake to hug him when it feels an epileptic seizure coming on. From the article: "At a Senate Labor committee hearing, Green said the new law would preclude him from going to many places. Green kept his snake in a bag during the hearing, but did take it out outside the building. Restaurants and other retailers have backed the measure, saying that allowing any animal to be considered a service animal creates health hazards and other problems to their customers."


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Man With Service Snake Lobbies Against Bill

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  • I heard of a bottling plant in South America that used a snake for pest control. They kept it in a heated box on the factory floor, and shut off the heat after hours, then it would go out and hunt rodents. The heat would come back on before work started and the snake would know to go back into its box to bask in the heat.

    Of course I only heard it from a guy who toured the plant and could have been making it all up ;-P

  • The type of animal should not matter. People are quoting they cause problems to customers. I am not allergic to snakes. I am allergic to dogs and horses among other things. You can't please everyone and each individual has different needs. Match them with what works.
  • by bradley13 ( 1118935 ) on Friday March 11, 2011 @05:16AM (#35450944) Homepage

    In most part of the world, animals are welcome in public places, including restaurants. It is quite common to see a dog snoozing quietly under the table, while the owner eats lunch. What is it the USA has against animals? Why restrict animals in public places to service animals - are people afraid they will get "dog poisoning"?

    Just more needless government regulation by politicians who have already solved all of the serious problems...

    • I am under the impression that the policy was up to the establishment, but they must make exceptions for service animals, which is fair on both counts.

      For one reason or another it has just become custom to flex that right and restrict animals from most places. As long as this doesn't dissuade patrons of any particular establishment it just means fewer potential issues for the owner, so really it has less to do with people's concerns and more to do with convenience for the business.

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