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Submission + - Disaster Recovery Drill Leads To Loss Of Data On 800K (

chicksdaddy writes: "Call it a disaster recovery drill disaster. The loss of four magnetic tape cartridges containing data on 800,000 California residents was the unfortunate result of an IBM-managed disaster recovery exercise gone wrong, said Christine Lally, Assistant Secretary, Legislation & Communications for the California Technology Agency.

The tapes contained information from the California Department of Child Support Services (DCCS) and relate to child support cases managed by the agency and include the names, addresses, Social Security Numbers, driver’s license or state identification numbers of state residents, as well as the individuals employer information, the names of health care providers and health insurance plan membership identification numbers, according to the DCCS statement.

Lally said the State discovered the breach in early March when it received and opened a shipment of magnetic backup tapes that were sent back to the State Office of Technology Services (OTECH) by IBM following the disaster recovery drill, only to realize four of 15 tapes sent to IBM were missing."

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Disaster Recovery Drill Leads To Loss Of Data On 800K

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