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Submission + - KDE Plasma Should Be Your Primary Choice For Linux Gaming ( 2

sfcrazy writes: Martin Gräßlin, a lead KDE developer, addresses some queries around a topic bugging Gnome and Unity users — the fallback mode. In this post he says that "having the non-composited mode around allows us to do things like turning compositing off when running games or heavy OpenGL based applications such as Blender. So if you want to get some of the now finally available games for Linux, KDE Plasma should be your primary choice to enjoy the game. I have also heard of users switching to KDE Plasma because we still provide non OpenGL based setups.
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KDE Plasma Should Be Your Primary Choice For Linux Gaming

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  • by gagol ( 583737 )
    Big fan of XFCE4 here, you can enable/disable composition at will and the UI is very conservative.
    • I've been using XFCE for years and it's hard to go to anything else.

      I just installed Bodhi Linux which features Enlightenment, and so far... I hate it. Not only is it non-intuitive, it is buggy. I think I will be installing XFCE again.

      Still love some of the KDE apps though - Konqueror for file browsing, K3b, Konsole, Kuickshow (RIP - Gwenview is just a little too heavy for me). But I can run those from XFCE.

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