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Submission + - The Emperor's New Cosmos - Cracking the Code of Cosmic Creation: P.J. Sinclair

An anonymous reader writes: COMMENTS
The Emperor’s New Cosmos is a masterful production. As P.J. Sinclair writes “I will examine the case for science as an attorney would do in a court of law. The goal is to determine whether the scientific story is truly factual.”

The author has certainly given one plenty of scope to question previously taught theories showing clearly that science is an ongoing changing subject, fraught with those anxious to prove their latest theories, even with very little evidence to back them up.

The subtitle therefore “Cracking the Code of Cosmic Creation” made me think how many times thoughtful people have come up with a new idea whether for banking systems, fool-proof internet security etc only to have it broken or hacked just as quickly by some one equally clever, loving the challenge.

In the section on The Universe 1980 in Chapter 1, two points were highlighted for me:
The disparaging remark made by Carl Sagan in the tv series “Cosmos” about the Hindu religion:"It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond, no doubt by accident, to those of modern scientific cosmology" highlights the disbelief that many scientists have for ancient cultures.

However on December 21st 2012 there is a very rare event of two galactic alignments happening on the same day, which was foretold by the ancient Maya. This dismissal of ancient cultures by scientists, now has to be re-assessed as NASA's own studies are also in line with this forecast.

I was delighted to have my knowledge expanded by four different levels in Chapter 10 — Parallel Universes. Chapter Eleven — The Santa Claus Culture made me very aware of how well a cover-up could be perpetrated, so much so that the whole world buys in to the concept.

An incredibly well researched book with references, highlighting conflicting remarks and beliefs as well as nicely presented arguments in a very readable, easygoing, amusing style.

Gay Avice du Buisson (Mrs.)
South Africa
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The Emperor's New Cosmos - Cracking the Code of Cosmic Creation: P.J. Sinclair

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