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Submission + - Apple Faces Lawsuit For Retina MacBook Pro 'Ghosting' Issue (

redletterdave writes: "Apple is facing a potential class action suit in San Francisco’s California Northern District Court after an owner of its MacBook Pro with Retina display accused the computer company on Wednesday of “tricking” consumers into paying for a poor-quality screen, citing an increasingly common problem that causes images to be burned into the display, also known as "image persistence" or “ghosting.” The lawsuit claims only LG-made screens are affected by this problem, but "none of Apple's advertisements or representations disclose that it produces display screens that exhibit different levels of performance and quality." Even though only one man filed the lawsuit, it can become a class action suit if others decide to join him in his claim, which might not be an issue: An support thread for this particular problem, entitled “MacBook Pro Retina display burn-in,” currently has more than 7,200 replies and 367,000 views across more than 500 pages."
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Apple Faces Lawsuit For Retina MacBook Pro 'Ghosting' Issue

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