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Submission + - Five Internet Founders Share first £1 Million Engineering 'Nobel' Prize (

judgecorp writes: "The first Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, worth £1 million, has been shared by five founders of the Internet and the World Wide Web. As well as Sir Tim Berners Lee and Vint Cerf, the other recpients are Cerf's colleague Bob Kahn, creator of the Mosaic browser Marc Andreeseen, and a much less well known Frenchman, Louis Pouzin, aged 82. Working at Bell Labs, Pouzin invented the datagram protocols on which Cerf and Kahn based the TCP/IP protocols. The judges originally planned the prize for a maximum of three winners, but that had to change, thanks to the collaborative nature of the Internet. All the recipients praised their colleagues and pointed out that engineering is always a team effort “Fortunately we are still alive," joked Pouzin. “It is forty years since we did the things for which we are being honoured.” Awarded in the UK, the prize is an international effort to create an engineering counterpart to the Nobels. The judgesconsidered entries from 65 countries."
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Five Internet Founders Share first £1 Million Engineering 'Nobel' Prize

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