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dryriver writes: No, it is not that Climate Change is hoax or that the climate science gets it all wrong and Climate Change isn't happening. According to the Economist, it is rather that "Fully 101 of the 116 models the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change uses to chart what lies ahead assume that carbon will be taken OUT of the air in order for the world to have a good chance of meeting the 2C target." In other words, reducing carbon emissions around the world, creating clean energy from wind farms, driving electrical cars and so forth is not going to suffice to meet agreed upon climate targets at all. Negative emissions are needed. The world is going to overshoot the "maximum 2 degrees of warming" target completely unless someone figures out how to suck as much as 810 Billion Tons of carbon out of Earth's atmosphere by 2100 using some kind of industrial scale process that currently does not exist. Basic summary: Solar power, wind power, wave power, electrical vehicles and other niceties are not, by themselves, going to be able to stop Climate Change. Some kind of brilliant new process, invention, technology or other solution is needed that can remove very large quantities of carbon from Earth's atmosphere.
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What They Don't Tell You About Climate Change

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