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German Police Women to Get Bullet Resistant Bras 5

Posted by samzenpus
In an effort to save perfectly round, firm, heaving boobs from any undue harm, German police women will soon be issued bullet-proof bras. The bras were created to act as a second barrier of defense when it was found that normal bras would cause injuries to breasts by pushing plastic and metal parts into the majestic globes after being shot. The new bras are emblazoned with the word "police" and made from cotton, polyester, elastic and some other synthetic materials, thickly padded and with no metal or plastic studs or fasteners to cause irritation to the delicate flesh. It is theorized that the bras could actually protect the women attached to the breasts as well.
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German Police Women to Get Bullet Resistant Bras

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  • ...bulletproof silicone.

    Evolutionary discrimination against flat-chested women expected to follow.
  • A tall tale (Score:2, Informative)

    That's a photo of a regular chain mail tit sling, not bulletproof Teutonic mammary armor.

  • ... yet already it shows the same signs of stupidity all other digg/reddit/whatnot clones share with them: blatant sensationalism.

    This picture has nothing to do with the actual thing and it's certainly not bullet-proof! It is only designed to not have any sharp edges/parts/whatever could hurt a woman if pressure or anything else is applied to her breasts.

    Bye. No need to waste my time here. At least reddit doesn't fake as much.
  • Sure it's Stupid (Score:3, Insightful)

    by pugugly (152978) on Thursday August 14, 2008 @05:01PM (#24605889)

    Sadly - I don't care. Any time I get to read about lingerie with the word "Police" emblazoned on it it a good day.

    The outer layer should *really* be coated with a black, shiny, latex-like substance in order to keep it from catching on anything she's wearing over it.

    For safety purposes . .

    "If you're shallow and you know it clap your hand!" - Clap! Clap!


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