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Bill Gates Helps Fund Mass Circumcision Program 15

Relying on recent studies, and not Bullshit! season 3, episode 1, Bill Gates has injected $50 million into a program to circumcise up to 650,000 men in Swaziland and Zambia. The project hopes to curb the spread of HIV in the region. "It's great news, and this is exactly what's needed," says Catherine Hankins, chief scientific adviser at UNAIDS. "We've been working on development of guidance and technical support, and these development partners are now being funded to take it forward."


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Bill Gates Helps Fund Mass Circumcision Program

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  • Oh gawd... (Score:2, Funny)

    by HaZardman27 (1521119)
    As a businessman, he went for our wallets; now as a philanthropist he's going for our genitals.
  • What the he11 is he doing in that picture? Is he demonstrating how his surgery is better than Apple's by means of illustration?
  • Because we all know that no one without a foreskin ever got HIV.
  • fuck am I ever glad to be european. Americans are all wannabe jews.
  • Todays special half off.
    Obligatory Mel Brooks quote.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    Let's just assume, in order to sidestep one major argument, that this program is going to be exclusively for consenting adults and not for infants. That way, hopefully, we can avoid having the moral debate with regards to circumcision.

    Given that assumption, I see several major flaws:

    1) Getting circumcised to prevent aids is a bit like a man wearing heated underwear to prevent pregnancy. Sure it does seem to statistically reduce your odds of becoming infected, but it's nowhere near as a safe and effective

  • Am I the only one that read the title as "Bill Gates helps in mass circumcision program".

    I've heard of mucking in but thats ridiculous

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