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The Googlle Institute of Software Studies 1

Posted by samzenpus
from the do-you-drive-a-fjord-or-a-cheavy dept.
Cytalk writes "Working at Google is a dream job for many engineers. So the Googlle Institute of Software Studies might seem like the perfect place to get an education if only it weren't for the extra letter. From the article: 'Yes, it appears that some jokers in India are attempting to leverage not only Google's name, but their logo and even favicon to trick people into thinking they their quite-possibly-bogus online university is related to the real Google somehow. Dubbed the 'School For Future Software Engineers,' the Googlle Institute has a website that looks like it could be some sort of legitimate online training school — if it weren't for the sketchy naming, branding, and plethora of dead links.'"


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The Googlle Institute of Software Studies

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