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Military Operation Canceled Because of Facebook Update 8

Posted by samzenpus
from the private-facebook dept.
Churam writes "The Israeli military had to cancel an operation (translated from the original French) because a soldier had given some operational details on Facebook. From the article: 'An artillery soldier who was involved in this operation — the arrest of Palestinian suspects — Facebook announced on the imminence of it. "Wednesday, we're cleaning Katana and Thursday, God willing We return to the house," wrote the soldier on his Facebook page, referring to a village near Ramallah.'"


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Military Operation Canceled Because of Facebook Update

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  • I will get out of military prison before christmas...

  • Military? (Score:1, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward

    It sounds more like police operation by the military than an honest-to-god military operation.

    Of course, under these circumstance, one would be even more likely to cancel an actual military operation, ie an actual operation against an enemy military that posed a serious threat.

    But I suspect the main thing is that a soldier would be less likely to blab about such an operation.

    • by kailSD (1271360)
      Military? Forget that, you should note that the soldier concerned is in the bloody artillery!

      Perhaps "arrest" means something else in the IDF. ;)

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