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Town Planning Luddite Anniversary 1

Posted by samzenpus
from the know-your-roots dept.
The townsfolk of the northern English town of Huddersfield are planning to celebrate the bicentenary of the Luddite movement. Instead of smashing computers, wearing tinfoil hats, or writing manifestos, they plan on remembering the 19th century weavers by building a center or museum to commemorate the Luddites and the social change they brought about. Huddersfield member of parliament Barry Sheerman says, "We want to recognize the part the Luddites made in our struggle for democracy...and recognition of organized labor."


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Town Planning Luddite Anniversary

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  • I'd like to participate in the celebration, but in order to do so, I'd have to take a jet plane over the pond. Unfortunately, I'm against using those new-fangled contraptions! In fact, anybody attending this that doesn't live within horse-and-buggy commuting distance is obviously a hypocrite!

You know, the difference between this company and the Titanic is that the Titanic had paying customers.