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Man Goes Deposit Box Fishing 19

Posted by samzenpus
from the I-got-a-big-one dept.
A South Carolina man has used his fishing powers for evil by trying to catch something from a night deposit box. Fortunately for First Citizen’s Bank, his deposit bags got away. From the article: "Employees of the First Citizen's Bank on Columbia Road told investigators that when they retrieved the night deposit bags from Thursday's drops, they discovered one bag sported a fishing hook. Some fishing line dangled from the hook. Two more hooks were found in the deposit box along with a putty-like substance that may have been used in lieu of a fishing weight, investigators say. The bank's security tape shows an individual outside the bank at about 4:29 a.m. Friday." Sounds like a job for the Master Casters.


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Man Goes Deposit Box Fishing

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    • by antdude (79039)

      I had no problems with the original link.

      Interesting that the Web site uses .txt file extension which is odd.

  • "It's under investigation," said Capt. Ed Conner of the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety. "We'll be looking at the evidence to see if we can put a face with the image on video."

    Based on the image of the perpetrator [] shown on the Web site, I'd say the person is between about 15 to 80 years of age, is not bald, and wears clothes. I'm sure the police will DNA-test all residents of the area that match that description.

  • So, why is this article on /. ?
    • It's idle. The editors seem to think that their opinion of what is interesting will match the reader's.

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