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Medicine Idle

NYC OB/GYN Sells Sex Toys 2

Posted by samzenpus
from the one-stop-shopping dept.
Knowing that nothing makes a woman feel more sexy than a trip to the OB/GYN, Dr. Andrew Scheinfeld has decided to start selling sex toys at his practice. Scheinfeld says the idea was born out of personal experience. He found himself embarrassed while shopping for some things to spice up his own marriage and decided he wanted to offer woman a less embarrassing place to do their adult purchasing. "I was very paranoid, thinking everyone was looking at me saying, 'Look at the old guy with the sex toy in a briefcase,'" he said. "Here I am, an OB/GYN. If I felt that way, how a woman might feel going into a shop like that would be very difficult."


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NYC OB/GYN Sells Sex Toys

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  • Yeah, there is nothing at all creepy about an old man trying to sell you dildos while staring deeply into your vagina! Here's a hint: they may feel a little more inclined to buy these from another woman, after a few glasses of wine, than from "Mr. Cold Speculum" in a sterile doctor's office!

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