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The Fight to Remove Old "Home and Garden" Piece On Hitler 2

Posted by samzenpus
from the final-gardening-solution dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Back in 1938, the British magazine Homes and Gardens ran a rather fascinating feature on Adolf Hitler's mountain home... 'A handsome Bavarian chalet 2000 feet up on the Obersalzburg amid pinewoods and cherry orchards... barely ten miles from Mozart's own medieval Salzburg.' The story was a major coup in those darkening days leading up to World War and gave Europe an almost unprecedented look into a small slice of Hitler's private home life. Apparently, there are some who do not want people to be able to read and study certain parts of human history and Homes and Gardens want to take the pictures of the magazine feature story down from internet ...allegedly over 'UK copyright infringement.'"


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The Fight to Remove Old "Home and Garden" Piece On Hitler

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