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Sweden Gets Norway's Worst Doctor 9

Posted by samzenpus
from the we-didn't-get-you-anything dept.
62-year-old Johanne Krogh lost her right to operate in Norway due to 29 cases of malpractice, so she did what any bumbling doctor would. She got a job in Sweden. Managers at her new hospital were apparently unaware of her infamous past. From the article: "In one case, she stormed out on a bleeding patient in the middle of a surgical procedure after losing her temper with a colleague in the operating theater. The incident necessitated two further corrective operations for the patient, who later died after a wound became infected. Also, several of her hip patients reported her to the authorities after emerging from the operating room with legs differing in length by up to four centimeters. Krogh’s errors have so far cost the Norwegian patient insurance system 13 million kronor ($1.7 million)."


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Sweden Gets Norway's Worst Doctor

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